Choice activated

More and more devices are becoming voice activated. From cell phones to cars, we are being equipped with more choices of voice-activated technology.  Voice-activated choices, if you will. Life is full of choices: where we go, what we do, what we say when we don't feel like being nice. How we live our lives is based on the choices we make on a daily-even moment-to-moment basis. When we walk into a financial institution, it's our choice whether our transaction(s) will be legal or breaking the law.  In relationships involving singles, boundaries are set by choice. We work by choice.

Events are choice activated. Do we go to the game or wash the car? Do we go to the early or late service? Which season of the year will vacation be taken? As you can see, life is about choices, choices, and more choices. We could say that life itself is choice activated.  Our choices-good or bad-determine the path our lives travel on.

The Bible has much to say about choices. In Deuteronomy 30:19 Moses set life and death, blessing  and cursing before the children of Israel. He then told them to choose life, in order that they and their descendants would live. Even though they were told what to choose, the people still had a choice to make. Remember multiple-choice tests from school? The answer was right in front you; you had to pick the right answer. Like the children of Israel, God tells us the right answer to pick in life, yet we have to do the picking; it's still our choice of what to do.

Can you imagine your teacher giving you the right answer on a test? God has done just that, telling us to choose His Word (life, blessing) over what others or our own minds are telling us to do. Yet, because we have been given the freedom of choice, we are the ones who choose what to do or say in any given situation. God is a gentleman-He won't make us do anything we don't want to, including serving Him. Like Joshua  (Joshua 24:15) we even choose who we'll serve. We, then, get to enjoy the rewards of choosing life and blessing or face the consequences of death and cursing-based choices. The choice is always ours.

Can you see how your life is really choice activated? What kind of choices are you making? How has making wise choices changed your life, even the destiny God has for you?