Error or Heir?

How do you see yourself? Not in the mirror, but before God. Are you constantly seeing your mistakes, faults, and shortcomings that you've come to see yourself as a mistake of God? On the other hand, have you taken the time to read the Bible for yourself, to find that you're one of God's children, precious in His sight? In your eyes, are you an error or heir of God?

An error is a mistake, failing, shortcoming-something that falls short of what's correct. An heir, on the other hand, is one who is legally entitled to the property of another, according to the terms of a will. There are many instances where someone was treated as an error, only to find out that that individual was, in reality, an heir to property and means beyond imagination. More often than not, simple ignorance of the truth prevented that dear person from partaking of what rightfully belonged to him/her.

So it is with our lives. We choose to see ourselves in light of our mistakes or in light of what God says about us. Will we live according to our experiences or dare to act like who we are in God's sight?

Error or heir? The Bible, in Romans 8:17, tells us that Christians are heirs of God. Not errors, but heirs. God said that about everyone who believes on Jesus Christ as Lord. Being an heir of God has nothing to do with gender, skin color, ethnic background, education, or social status. No, being an heir has everything to do with what Jesus did for us: paying the penalty for our sins with His Blood, then defeating Satan in Hell to liberate our lives from poverty, sickness, and sin forever.

We're now free to enjoy God's abundant goodness in our lives-spiritually, physically, financially, and materially. As heirs of God what He's provided for us is ours because Jesus isn't dead-He's alive!

How about you? Do you see yourself as an error or an heir? What are you doing with your inheritance? Have you dared to believe that you are, indeed, an heir of God?

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