Is Your Angel Busy or Bored?

Angels are real. Jesus Himself said that children have their own angels, which children don't lose when they grow up. Hollywood has its own theology, portraying angels as earning wings (It's A Wonderful Life), being on probation (Highway to Heaven), or being nearly human (Touched By An Angel). Our knowledge of angels should be based on God's Word. What are angels? According to Hebrews 1:14 angels are ministering spirits sent to minister for those who are Christians those who have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some want to know what angels look like, or how they get from one place to another. I'm more interested in what they say and do, aren't you?

Angels bring answers to prayer. In Daniel 10:12 an angel brought answers to Daniel's prayers concerning the children of Israel's future.  Psalm 103:20 says that angels hearken to the voice of God's Word. What does this mean? It means that when God's Word is voiced angels obey what those spoken words are and bring them to pass. It doesn't matter who's doing the saying-a preacher, child, teenager, or God Himself-angels are focused on bringing what they hear to pass without regard to age, gender, education, or any other external factor. A three-year old speaking God's Word in faith concerning healing or finances, will have a busier angel than an adult doubting the promises of God.

A doubting Christan's angel would like to stay busy bringing God's Word to pass, but angels don't respond to doubt (the devil and his cohorts do). Picture someone's angel sitting around bored , with nothing to do. Why? Because that someone is either ignorant of or refuses to speak God's Word. On the other hand, a person with just a little bit of faith can keep his or her angel busy, continually obeying God's Word that's coming out that person's mouth.

Is your angel busy or bored? Is your angel continually, occasionally, or never obeying God's Word concerning you and your life? How often are you declaring what God says about you: spiritually, physically, financially, and materially? If you want to keep your angel busy, keep voicing God's Word's concerning His promises and provision to and for you, and your family.

How's your angel doing? If bored, get it-and keep it-busy. If busy keep it that way. You can't wear an angel out. If necessary angels will get reinforcements, as was done for Daniel.

Is your angel busy or bored? What answers are you expecting from God, through the ministering spirits sent by God to minister for you?