What's Your Standard?

Outside of Washington, DC sits the National Institute of Science and Technology, better known as NIST. Here numerous calibration devices are housed, including one particular atomic clock. This clock serves as America's source of time. Originally known as the National Bureau of Standards, the agency is the source for lengths, weights, and many other calibrations. Our lives also need standards to live by. A life devoid of standards is a life tossed to and fro at the whim of circumstances.  This kind of life has no purpose to fulfill.  Purposes without standards cannot thrive in any country, culture, or community.

Lots of standards vie for our attention. From "Do your own thing" to "My way, or the highway", standards of varying degrees of commitment are there for the taking, With one exception standards change depending on situations, social demands, and past experience (s). That one exception is the Bible, God's written Word. The B-I-B-L-E.

What's your standard? What is the measuring stick for your life? By what standard is your time, work, socializing, and spending calibrated? Is it what feels good, what worked yesterday, or is your personal standard a work in progress? If not already, have you examined God's Word to see how it can be the standard for your life? For your today, tomorrow, and forever.

God's Word works in every country, culture, and circumstance. It doesn't matter what your background or present circumstances are-God's Word works. God's Word is the one standard everyone can truly live by. In any neighborhood, village, shelter, and locality. On both sides of the tracks, God's Word works. All the time. Every inch along God's path for you.

Our job is to find out what God is saying to us now, then see His Word working in us. A good way to find is by starting with the basics.

For those interested in learning the basics of the Christian life I have written Born To Win: A Study Course for the New Believer. This easy-to-read book is for first-time Christians, as well as those who would like to "brush up" on the basics. No matter how long you've been a believer, the basics will never get old. Timeless standards.

This book retails for $9.99, plus shipping. For a limited time you can purchase as many copies of this helpful book for just $ 5.00, including shipping, while supplies last. Orders must be prepaid by check or money order. Mail orders to: Hubert Gardner Ministries; P.O. Box 35373; Tulsa, OK 74153.  Offer good in U.S. only. Those outside the U.S. are encouraged to purchase the digital version on either Kindle or iBooks.

How would you define your standard? How long have you had it? How well is it working for you, at this time of your life? Discuss.