What Difference Does it Make?

"What difference does it make" has become a well known question in recent months. Depending on your viewpoint it can either ask us to be focused on right now or, for some, be viewed as an attempt to miniaturize an issue, belief, or question. On this question you be the judge and jury of what the right answer is. It used to matter what Christians believed, how they lived, and how they were viewed. The effects of Judeo-Christian beliefs were seen and felt in schools, the workplace, and in Hollywood. In view of prominent government officials, media moguls, and corporate denizens advancing their collective platforms of change, what has happened to the Christian message? Where are the Christian values once espoused in days gone by by our schools and media, and practiced in the market place? More importantly, what difference does it make?

Does it make a difference when religious tolerance ends with Christians and Jews? Does it make a difference when the egg of a bald eagle, our nation's symbol, has more rights than those of an unborn child? Does it make a difference when the color of man's skin matters more than the content of his character? Does it make a difference when a handout is viewed as an entitlement? Does it make a difference when churches compromise their message, rather then change their methods to keep the next generation?

I believe that the answer to each of these questions is a resounding "Yes!" "Yes" is the easy part. The hard part is what are we, as followers of Jesus Christ,  doing about it? What are we doing to make a difference in and to a dying, decaying world we live in? If nothing, then why? If not now, then when? I'm going to share some answers on my next post. In the meantime I'd like to hear from you, to hear what you have to say about us making a difference.

What are some ways you can make-or are making-a difference? Your sharing may make a difference in someone else also becoming a difference.