Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?

The Church needs fixing. As a whole we're too comfortable, being either unaware of the need to change or unwilling to do so. Like it or not the times they are a changing, just as they were a generation ago. I see the Church desperately needing to do two things-and do them quickly-to regain the influence it once had (and should have) in our homes, schools, communities, and nations. The first is a return to who we really are. A return to what and who God created us, the Church, to be, nearly 2000 years ago.

The book of Acts is the pattern for the Church today. Read the book of Acts. With no internet, printing presses, or mechanized transportation, the early Church turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6). This included signs, wonders, and miracles, resulting from the preaching of the Word of God. That same power belongs to us today. Signs, wonders, and miracles haven't passed away anymore than faith, hope, or love have. It's a matter of taking God at His Word, doing our part in proclaiming the truth, and expecting God to accompany His Word with signs following.

It worked for those in the early days of the Church; it'll work for us in these days, as well. Let's be the Church the world despises, yet so desperately needs.

The second thing the Church, as a whole, needs to do is change. Without changing core beliefs, change our methods to reach an ever-changing world, replete with tech-savvy young people who shun the very methods whereby those of the 60s, 70s, and 80s came to Christ. Folks, let's have as much sense as an experienced fisherman: if the fish ain't biting, don't blame the fish.

Change the bait.

Let's embrace the power, determination, and persistence of the early believers. At the same time, let's also embrace new ways-particularly technologically creative ones-to reach our world for Christ.

What are some ways you can think of to reach those around you-particularly young people between 13-25? What have you done or are planning to do to accomplish your ways?