Another Hero of Success

My previous post mentioned Daniel Nash as a hero of success, one who prayed much for the success of Charles Finney’s meetings. Today I want to share another hero of success, one who labored much behind the scenes for the success of one of this country’s best-known evangelists.

The name Oral Roberts is, to many, synonymous with tent crusades, television specials, and a university that bears his name. But who ever heard of Collins Steele? Who was he, and what was his connection to Oral Roberts?

For a time, Oral Roberts held crusades under various tents, one of which could seat 20,000. These “canvas cathedrals” were massive, requiring many men to spend long hours setting up and preparing the remote facilities for services. The man in charge of these operations was Collins Steele. Collins made sure that the tent was property set up, kept safe during services, and taken down after meetings were over. The loaded tent sections were then transported to the next meeting site.

Prior to a dinner being attended with my wife, I asked Collins Steele what it was like working to set the tent up. There was a long pause, making me wonder if I had been wrong to ask the question. With a far away look in his eyes Collins finally said in a quiet voice, “It was a lot of work.” No further explanation was needed.

With all the attention on the finished product-thousands of people being ministered to-Collins Steele stayed in the background with others, supplying his part in ensuring the success of hundreds of evangelistic meetings for the glory of God.

Like Daniel Nash, Collins Steele labored behind the scenes, out of view of the spotlight and crowds. Unseen to people, but never to God. Another hero of success.

Maybe you feel like you’re working in obscurity, unseen by others. But you’re not. Everything you do is noticed by the One who views success as being faithful, right where you’re at. I value people laboring behind the scenes. People like Collins Steele.

So does God.