No Patents Pending


Generally speaking, patents are issued for original inventions, such as the personal computer or automobile. One need not look around very long to see something that resulted in a patent.


But no patent has ever been or will be issued for the making of this universe. That includes every star, planet, moon-all objects found throughout the vast expanse of what is called outer space. 


There are estimated to be as many as two trillion galaxies in the universe. Galaxies, not stars. Two trillion galaxies, as in 2,000,000,000,000. Each galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars within its “borders”. Anyway you slice it, the number of stars is beyond human comprehension-at least mine. 


Regardless of how many stars God made, no patents have ever been issued for any of them. Nor are any pending. Why is this? 


Because God owns this universe. Every galaxy, star, planet, moon, and all objects in between. They’re all His. No one person or group has even come close to creating one celestial object, much less hundreds of billions of them. So, no patents issued.


Here’s a thought: the same God Who created this universe cares about every detail of your life. He’s not only big enough to keep this universe going, but He’s big enough for you to trust Him with your life. This includes your present and your future.


Even though there are no patents pending on anything God has ever made He’s keeping the universe running, while giving you His undivided attention. No one else does that, so no patents have been issued on God’s care for you. None pending either.