The Most Valuable Commodity

By definition, a commodity is something useful or valued. It's often found as a product or a service. Today's post focuses on the word "commodity" as a product, specifically words. That's right, words; things we use to communicate information on an everyday basis. Some commodities are better known, like gold, silver, and oil. Some are small, such as corn or wheat. but none are as valuable as words. Allow me to explain.

Motivational speakers get paid to do what? To speak words which are designed to inform and/or inspire their audiences to more productive thinking, action, and results. Results which, hopefully, profit both the sponsoring company (ies), as well as those listening.

Top motivational speakers command six-figure fees for hour-long speeches. No stunts, tricks, or personality (well, maybe some),   Motivational speakers motivate with words.

W O R D S.

What changed people's lives during Jesus's earthly ministry was not His looks, personality, or where He liked to go shopping; it was His words. Jesus said the following:

"By your words you'll be justified, or condemned." -Matthew 12:37

"You'll have what you say, out of a believing heart" -Mark 11:23 (my paraphrase)

Wind was stilled, bodies healed, and false doctrine corrected. Not with what was written, but said. Words of authority, power, and authority.  And life.

Words of life. Both Proverbs 4:20 and the words of Jesus, in John 6:63, tell us that God's words are life. Not mere mortal manuscripts of collective philosophy, but LIFE. Speaking God's words is speaking life (Proverbs 18:21)  and health (Proverbs 12:18),

Those who understand the value of their words (eventually) become invaluable to those around them. Speaking for myself, I'd much rather have someone around speaking words of life, health, encouragement-something uplifting, then hearing words of doom, gloom, agony and despair-the usual fare of the evening news. And most conversations.

Words are a result of choice. We choose to speak what others will be hearing. Will our words be cheap sounds of despair, disease-even death, or the most valuable commodity on earth: words of life, peace, victory, success, health, and wisdom, just like God's words?

Speaking words of value won't pay you a six-figure fee every time you open your mouth. But something far more valuable can happen: you can change a life, starting with yours.

Yes, words are the most valuable commodity. How much are yours and mine worth?