What's in Your Words?

A popular commercial asks the viewer, "What's in your wallet?" A few years ago, the big-selling question was"Got Milk?" Apparently viewers liked/like being asked questions. Here's a question that is, perhaps, new to you: "What's in your words?" By that I mean I'm wanting to know the content, tone, and value of what you're asking or saying.

Many people are talking without really saying anything. In fact you may know those who fit this unfortunate description. As they, themselves, might say, "Oh, I'm just talking."

In Proverbs 18:21 we read that death and life are in the power of the tongue. In John 6:63 Jesus stated that the words He spoke were spirit and they were life. Proverbs 4:22 shows us that God's words are life to those who find them and (they are) health-or medicine-to all their flesh. There's a pattern here of God's words being words of life. It's then our choice to speak (God's) words of life, or words contrary to God which are words of death.

We, for the most part, choose what words we'll say on a regular basis. We can resort to allowing our tongues to spew out toxic words tainted with hate, fear, strife, unforgiveness, sickness-even death. Or we can speak words of encouragement, peace, faith, love, hope, and tenderness. Either way, it's our choice.

Since words really do matter, it is so important that we view our words as seriously as we do our health and financial wellbeing. Why? Because words are containers: they contain life or death, health or sickness, prosperity or poverty, in seed form. The hearers of your words then decide whether to believe them or not, to allow them to germinate  and produce fruit, or not. Which is better to tell a coughing friend, A."It sounds like you're coming down with something. After all it's flu season", or B."Aren't you glad for health, strength, and deliverance from sickness?" Pssst: the answer is B.

Now, some go the extreme where you can't ever tell a joke or say something funny. Good, clean humor can be beneficial, just not all day long. Remember, humor comes from God.

So, what's in your words? What do your words contain? I know that, for myself, I'm working at being better at speaking words of life, encouragement, and blessing, rather than "just talking." If I were to meet you that's what I'd be doing, because you're worth it.