God Loves Introverts

Not everyone is outgoing by nature. For those who are, never apologize for being who and what you are. On the other hand there are introverts. They are often behind the scenes, their creative gifts making possible the finished products which benefit all of us. Introverts are, too often, considered shy. This could be true in some cases, however, being introverted and being shy are not the same. I know one person who, though introverted, is certainly not shy. This person is just not one to start a conversation or enjoy crowds. One on one, a lot of introverts are engaging, conversational (to a point), and offer perspectives on life worth hearing. Introverts can be creative thinkers, seeing solutions others miss.

No one sees everything. My wife and children see things I don't. At times, I see things my wife doesn't. Not to make her look bad but, in part, to protect her; to make her look good. Introverts see things differently; they think outside the proverbial  status quo box; they're very analytical at times. To some that's being slow, but I see it as a potential way to do something in a way that could save family, business, or a church time and money.

In my opinion, leadership quality can improve by making room for introverts, starting with one. Not in pity or to be condescending, but recognizing that inside that quiet one, who's outside the spotlight, may very well be the gifts and talents needed at that moment. Pastors in need of creative solutions do well to ask God to send the right person(s). But how many will recognize God's answer, when it comes in the form of an introvert?

God loves everyone-the whole world for that matter-according to John 3:16, in the New Testament. Are you extroverted? God loves you. Perhaps you're on the shy side; it's hard for you to be around other people, until you get to each other. Well, God loves you. Maybe you're neither extroverted or shy, just a regular gal or guy. God loves you.

Finally, though, you may be an introvert. You're not outgoing; you're not actually shy. Initiating conversation is outside your comfort zone, so to speak. But, once you get started, you have a lot in you to share with those who-you hope-will listen to what you have to say. God loves you. Trust Him to open doors of opportunity whereby your gifts and talents can be shared in your own, unique, way. Be willing to go outside your own comfort zone.

Do you know an introvert? Is it you? How well are their (your?) viewpoints received?