Lies About God

In my experience, God is the most misunderstood person-ever. Some things you can say about God is that He's all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful, and loving. In fact, God IS love. At the same time there are some things said about God which just aren't true; they're lies. Here are just a few things said about God which, although seemingly true, are lies:

Lie #1: God is in control

You've probably heard it from the pulpit of a service you've attended,"God is in control." But if God is truly in control than why are so many Christians being killed for their faith? Why are so many millions suffering from sickness, disease, and/or poverty? If God is in control it doesn't take much intelligence to realize He's sure made a mess of things.

The truth of the matter is that there is a devil in this world. According to the Bible, his name is Satan, the enemy of God and every Christian. Satan is the ultimate thief, whose three-fold purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy human beings, just like you and me. Whether by sickness, tornados, poverty, or murder, the devil will-if allowed to-make lives miserable. Then he'll then laugh when people, whether intentionally or in ignorance, blame God for what they allowed the devil to do. No, God is not in control.

The truth is that Christians are to rule over the devil, enforcing his defeat, according to James 4:7 and I Peter 5:8,9. Romans 5:17 teaches that we are to reign in this life, as kings-not paupers. We are to put the devil on the run, in Jesus' Name. Now that's the truth.

Lie #2: God can do anything He wants to:

This is another lie that many, including myself, have heard more than once. To be truthful, it's a lie. Why? Here are things God simply cannot do:

He can't make people get saved; He can't make people pay tithes; He can't make people serve Him. Although He wants to, God, Who is a gentleman, can't make anyone do any of these things, because we all have the gift of choice-to obey or disobey God. I could go on about things God can't do, but you get the point: God can't do anything He wants to.

Filter what you hear, through the truth about what's being said or written. Get to know God for yourself, through His Word and through fellowshipping (talking) with Him. Who knows, there may be other lies about God you'll hear and reject, because you know better.

And that's the truth. What other lies about God have you heard? How have you responded?