The Five-A Team

Most jobs-most of life-involves being part of a team. Classroom assignments, sports, church production, and workplace projects-these are but a few of many potential scenarios where teams are involved. Even Jesus had a team. For the most part, jobs involve working with at least one other person-often more. Given the likelihood of working with others I have found that, by knowing and putting into practice certain basic principles, success in life can come easier.

Have you ever wondered why talent and personality go only so far on the job?  Why is longevity so often demonstrated by those whose character more than makes up for apparent-or actual-less talent and average personality?

Perhaps because, in life, character matters.

In my book The Five-A Team: Character Traits for Success in Life, I list five traits-all beginning with the letter A. When applied, these traits will make a measurable difference in the life of those who desire to succeed in life. You can find my book on Amazon and iBooks  This book would make a great gift for graduate.

A few years ago I was addressing several college business students. I told them that, if they'll show up for work sober, and on time, there's a place for them. The teacher agreed. Attendance and sobriety are a big deal to employers. As I state in my book, perfect attendance helped save my job, when others had more talent-and far more personality.

Personally, I believe that success in life is something worth pursuing at an early age. Children can start putting character traits into practice at an early age. By the time they're teenagers they'll be ahead of others waiting at the starting line, so to speak.

I do ask that those making a purchase please leave a review for others to see. I believe that you'll be blessed by what you read-even more blessed by putting what's read into practice.

After reading the book, what additional traits can you suggest?