My Aunt Marge and Vin Scully

For those who follow sports, particularly baseball, Vin Scully is a household name. Having retired a just a few weeks ago, Vin was the radio voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team for the last 67 years, dating back to their days as the Brooklyn Dodgers. My great aunt, Margaret Gardner, was a well known artist in the Chicago area for many years. hundreds-if not thousands-of aspiring painters were students at her art school. For years Aunt Marge also went to go to Chicago-area elementary schools, giving chalk talks to countless boys and girls.  Her works were displayed in such places as the Chicago Art Institute.

Although Aunt Marge and Vin Scully never met both were gifted, artistically speaking. Both were painters (Vin still is), with astonishing results. yet only my Aunt Marge used paint.

What's my point? My point is that both possessed the ability to create recognizable pictures: Aunt Marge with paint, pencil, chalk, and charcoal; Vin with words. One created a picture onto a blank canvas or piece of paper; the other created a picture for his audience, using simple, illustrative words. Using words, Vin could give you the impression that you were at the ball park, able to watch the action unfold before you. You "saw" the game through Vin's words. With Aunt Marge you saw on canvas what she saw when it was blank.

So it is with some of us. I'd love to be able to draw like an artist, but that's not my gift. The last time I saw Aunt Marge, my attempt to draw a horse resulted in a new species of dog. Her horse was drawn in about 10 seconds.

You may not be an Aunt Marge but you're creating pictures with your words, everyday. You may not be a Vin Scully, but people are being drawn to or repelled by your words, everyday.Through words, God has given you the ability to create an atmosphere of faith, love, healing, and encouragement around you, even to the point of affecting others. You can choose to speak positive words, as found in God's Word, or pollute your life with words of doubt, fear, strife, and unforgiveness.

I've purposed to do better with my tongue-my paintbrush if you will-in speaking words of life, healing, and forgiveness. It's an ongoing commitment, one I believe is well worth it.

Who'll join me?