Your Mouth is a Dispenser

Back in the 1950s candy dispensers were popular with children, myself included. One would load the dispenser with rectangular pieces of candy, pull back on the head (often a cartoon character), and eat what the head dispensed. All that for a piece of flavored sugar. In a very real sense, our mouths are dispensers: dispensers of love, joy, and faith, or fear, doubt, and negativity. Instead of candy, however, our mouths are dispensing words. Those words are releasing sounds into the atmosphere, sounds which are being heard by those around us, as well as ourselves.

What kind of words are our mouths "dispensing" on an everyday basis? When a challenge presents itself how are we responding-or reacting-to the challenge? Are we dispensing words of "I don't know what to do", "Why is this happening to me?", or "This is __________fault." Or, are we training ourselves to respond with God's Words, such as "Greater is He Who's in me (First John 4:4) than this challenge ('s report, unexpected bill, loss of job) before me;" "God always causes me to triumph in Christ  (2 Corinthians 2:14);" "I'm more than a conqueror, through Christ (Romans 8:37)?"

The truth is our mouths are dispensing words of life or death (Proverbs 18:21). Every day our mouths are filling the atmosphere around us with what we say, either positive or negative; sometimes both. What's so interesting is that we choose what we say in everyday conversation. We are controlling the dispensing of words out of our mouths.

I think everyone wants to say right words; few are bent on being verbal "cesspools." For those of us who want to say the right words, it's a matter of guarding our words, making sure that our mouths are dispensing life, encouragement, blessing, and healing.

Your mouth is a dispenser, as is mine. I'm working on dispensing  God's Word out of the abundance of my heart, eliminating the negative being spoken out of my mouth. I invite you to join me in this profitable journey, for life.

What are some practical ways you're finding/have found to control the words being dispensed out of your mouth? What has been the result of the changes in your life?