Why People Won't Change

My previous post dealt with the subject of change, including the consequences of companies/organizations not changing. Regardless of their own reason(s), they're becoming further and further behind in maintaining their customer base-mainly because they're not reaching out to the next generation. No matter the purpose, structure, size, or product, every company/organization's commonality-Christian or secular-can be summed up in one word: People. Whether manufacturing, ministry, or media, people are the common denominator in every case. Whether two or two million, no organization I know of can exist without having at least one person. With just one person, that one individual is the decision maker. Simply add on to or multiply that for larger organizations.

You can change without growing, but growing cannot come without change. And change requires decisions.

Change comes easier for some than others. For every one who's quick to change, there are multiplied others who are just plain slow, resistant-even opposed-to change. Why is this? Why won't some people change, especially when refusing to change puts the future of their organization at risk?

I believe the number one reason why people won't change is fear. Whether in the form of pride, fear of failure, or fear of losing one's influence or position fear is, in my opinion, the primary reason people won't change. They can; they just won't.

Change is all about having the right people making the decision to change, then leveraging available resources-including technology-to achieve the desired result. Since having the right people is crucial to change, removing the wrong people is often the first-and most painful-part of change. Owners, pastors, and company presidents who recognize this are doing everyone a favor and will be blessed. Those who fail in this area must prepare to reap the (potentially) disastrous consequences of their actions. I believe God has a better way.

Real love-God's love-wants what's best for all, not just one person. Walking in God's love means there's no place for fear to gain a foothold (1 John 4:18). And when decision makers walk in God's love everyone benefits.

While ignorance may hinder some from changing, that "condition" is easily cured by correct information. The willingness to change, without fear, makes for the possibility of positive change(s) to be made where you work, worship, and walk your dog.

What do you see as the reason(s) your place of employment isn't changing, at least like you think it should? If you were the chief decision maker what would be the first change you'd make? What other changes would you make?If you're not the chief decision maker what can you do to influence the ones who do make the decisions?