It's Time to Change

I was almost a teenager when the so-called British invasion of music groups came and changed the face of music in America, forever. Beginning with the Beatles, British bands made their way across the pond to America's shores, into the hearts and minds of millions. In doing so a whole new genre of music was introduced to music fans, from sea to shining sea. John, Paul, George, and Ringo were viewed as messiahs in music and, more importantly to some, message. The times, they were a changing. Fast forward to today, and a different kind of change is happening, moving faster in this century. This change is bigger than music, transcends radio and television waves, and is changing our lives, whether we like it or not.

It's called technology. The climate of change being produced through it is here to stay.

God gives people of all ages the ability to create, invent-to improve the world around us. Some choose to use what God gave them for evil, but the original ability-the gifting if you will-comes from God. Why am I saying all of this? Because, like it or not, we live in a world where change is almost constant. I know, some of it isn't what we'd like but why, as some do, resist change just because it's change? And Christians are the worst at this.

Why is it that, generally speaking, churches, ministries, and so-called Christian companies are painfully slow-even resistant-to embracing what is now viewed as ancient technology? I'm not talking about being on board with the 21st century; being current with the 20th would be progress. Example: a particular insurance provider spent years talking about promising but, then, delaying the option of online payments. When online payments were finally accepted a few years ago this company touted how great this "new feature" was. Really? When others were doing this in the last century, what were their decision makers doing while change passed them by?

Churches wasting money on non-LED signs, Christian-owned companies ordering merchandise by hand, and ministries's idea of social media is phone calls and emails, are just three examples of Christians stuck in the past. While this happens the world not only embraces change, but is in the driver's seat when it comes to identifying, creating, and launching new products. I believe Christians can and should do better-much better.

In my book, The Five-A Team: Character Traits For Success In Life (you can get it through our website's link) I talk about adaptation, or change, as being a key to individual success in the workplace, and life. It would behoove organizations to so the same: change (adapt) or face a future where they are the ones being left behind,  technologically speaking. Where failure to change breaks companies-even Christian ones.

Maybe you're a part of a church, company, or other ministry where frustration, team morale, and success are being stifled by short-sighted decision makers, stuck in the previous century of antiquated processes. If so, my condolences, as well as my prayer that God will, somehow, intervene in those situations to bring fruit to visions stagnated by weeds of fear, uncertainty, and/or ignorance. Yes, the times they are a changing, but we're running out of time, as we know it, to change the world and those around us.

What do you think? Is your church/business/organization up with the times, technologically? What are you doing-what can you do-to effect change for the better? I'd like to know, then share your thoughts with others.