Advantage: You

Tennis is scored by a series of points: love (0), 15, 30, 40, and game point. Six games make a set. Whoever wins a majority of sets wins the match. When both players have 40, a tie breaker system is used to determine the winner. Players take turns serving to their opponent, in the hopes of breaking the tie. When one player wins a point, the referee calls out "advantage"-and adds the person's last name. This continues until one player gains a two-point advantage, thus winning the game. In life God always holds the advantage over the devil. Through Christ, God has made provision for us to be like Him on the earth (I John 4:17): always holding an advantage over the devil in our own lives. When we use our God-given authority to resist the devil's ploys, God's advantage becomes ours. In every situation, in every area of life. This is good news for every Christian.

Life isn't a mere tennis match; it's far more real. To paraphrase what the world says, "stuff happens." Things happen for which there's just no apparent reason. That's why it's always good to know that we're not paupers or invalids; we're not helpless in this life. We're not orphans without purpose, provision, or protection. What God did through Jesus Christ is to our advantage. In the eyes of God we've already won. He see us as always victorious.

The advantage is always ours.

Do you know that God has given you the advantage in life? Do you know that God has tilted the playing field of life, so to speak, in your favor? Do you know what God has already provide for you, in Christ, as His child, to cause you to win in life? He's given you a new nature, delivered you from the devil's hold on your life, made you His very own child, given you His Word to grow in your walk with God, and put His love in you so you could love others, as well as yourself. Whatever "stuff" you've been through, God has made it possible for you to rise above it and enjoy life as a child of God, your Father.

In tennis terms this means game, set, and match are yours. In life this means winning over poverty, sickness and disease. That's to your advantage.

Advantage you.

Elsewhere on our website ( you'll find our LifeChange videos. These are basis truths to help you build and live an overcoming life, based on what God's Word says about who you are and what you have, in Christ, and what you can do, through Christ. It's about learning about the advantages of being God's child and living victoriously for Him, on this earth. Advantage God is now advantage you.

What is it like, knowing God's given you an advantage in life? What are some of the advantages God has given you over that person without Christ? Who do you know who needs to experience what you know? What are some ways you know to go about helping this to happen?