It May Be Time To Change Mirrors

Mirrors provide a reflection of how we look on the outside. We all use mirrors to check hair, ties, and general appearance. Personally, I'm glad for mirrors. Without them I would have missed the spot on my shirt, the hairs needing spraying or, worse, the unnecessary object in my nose. God has a mirror, in a manner of speaking. It's called His Word. Looking into God's Word allows us to see ourselves on the inside as God does, to get a glimpse of how we look in Christ, in God's sight. And we all look a whole lot better in Christ, than out. I know I do.

It's alright to have a good appearance, naturally speaking. More people ought to pay attention to how they look on the outside. At the same time, let's not forget to see ourselves in God's mirror, in the light of God's Word-especially the books of Romans through Revelation. These are the books written directly to Christians. It's here that we can get a true picture of how we look to God, and how He wants us to look before the world, those who are without Christ.

After all, we're His representatives in the earth, to those without Christ. And what better time to show Christ to the world than at Christmas?

If your only focus is your outward appearance, it may be time to change mirrors. It may be time see yourself in God's mirror, to focus more on how you look to God-and others, in Christ.