Where's Jesus?

A lot of people are curious about Jesus as a person. More and more people are looking for Jesus, each for his/her own reason(s). How would you respond to someone asking you the following question: "Where's Jesus." Or, how about, "How do I find Him?" First of all, Jesus isn't lost.  It's just a matter of knowing where He is, so people searching for Him can know where to look. To find where Jesus is, let's start by eliminating where He is not. Let's start with the Cross, where Jesus died, becoming sin for us. Is He there? No, He's not. The old wooden Cross is nowhere to be found. Not to take away from the significance of the Cross, but Jesus isn't there.

Next, let's stop by the tomb where Jesus was buried and left, following His resurrection from hell. As much as I'm thankful for the Tomb, Jesus isn't there either. No, Jesus isn't at the Cross. He's not anywhere near the Tomb. So, where's Jesus? Just exactly where is Jesus?

According to Scriptures (Ephesians 1:20; Hebrews 10:12) Jesus is now in Heaven, seated at the right hand of God Himself. Yes, Jesus went to the Cross. He went to hell in our place, paid the penalty for sin, was raised from the dead by God, then left the Tomb.

But Jesus isn't on the Earth. To get people to Jesus we need to take them to where He is right now, on His Heavenly Throne, not where He used to be. People looking for Jesus ought to be brought to where He's been for nearly 2,000 years, offering Life to all who call upon His Name. Once someone comes into a saving knowledge of Jesus, just come into His Presence, before His Throne, anytime at all. He's there.

In Heaven, on His Throne-that's where Jesus is. That's where you'll find Him, even at Christmas and on Easter. That's worth knowing.

Never forget where Jesus was; what He did for you. Where Jesus is now, however, is where we are to bring others-and come ourselves.