Easter Egg Hunts in Life

As a boy, Easter egg hunts were part mystery, part tradition. The tradition was having them while being young; the mystery was finding all those colored eggs and candied "accessories." The hunt began with one written clue that, when properly understood, directed me to another clue in either our house or yard.The reward of finding and following successive clues resulted in possessing many brightly-colored eggs, as well as enough edible goodies to last at least a few days-maybe less. Our Christian walk is similar to those hunts of yesteryear. God gives us enough information to get us from one point to another in life. He never gives us the whole picture, so to speak-never gives us every clue at the outset. Doing so would eliminate having to walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). Doing so would cause us to take steps out of God's order, depending on our own wisdom and strength. In addition, we would miss out on the character development we acquire doing things God's way. Like the Easter egg hunt clues, God's steps are given in order, in order for us trust Him for the next clue, if you will.

The rewards for trusting God are more than any earthly Easter egg hunt ever promised. God not only rewards us in Heaven, but rewards us along the way of obedience to walking in His steps.

What about your life? Are you trusting God for each life-step, or do you prefer to know all the steps at once, then hope you get them in the right order, each one taken at just the right time?