How's Your Framing?

For a few months I worked as a framer, a carpenter's helper on a construction crew. Once the foundation was ready our job was to frame both the outside and inside walls of the home we were building, With enough workers and decent weather, we could frame a two-story home in under two weeks. Framing changed a flat foundation into the beginnings of rooms, closets, and the garage. As a framer I used a lot of wood and nails, an electric saw, and my 24-ounce framing hammer. Building your life on a solid foundation is great (for more on foundations watch our Life Change episodes). The best foundations, however, still need something on them to fulfill their purpose. For a home it starts by framing bedrooms, kitchen, living, and laundry areas, plus a garage and bathrooms. For your life it starts by "framing" it with what God says about you in His Word.

Your life should be "framed" with God's Word concerning peace, walking in love, health, and prosperity. Your life will include  framing of individual direction, from God's Holy Spirit. Whether it's business, ministry, sports, teaching, or other field of endeavor, a whole lot of framing has, hopefully, been going. Not with wood, nails, and hand tools, but with words-those things you speak. Words which are framing, covering, and reinforcing the "rooms" of your life. Your life is being framed-outlined-by the everyday words you have been/are saying about yourself. Good or bad, positive or negative,  your words are creating your life room by room, so to speak.

What are you saying about yourself? Whose words are you allowing to dominate your thinking and, thus, your speaking? The media's? Your relatives'? God's? Successful framing of your life includes saying what God says about you in the New Testament epistles, letters written to fellow Christians. That's the best place to find out who you are and what you have, as God's child.

So, how's your framing? How are the rooms of your life coming along? Whose words are being used to frame your life?