What's Going On?

Regardless of your political preferences, it's quite obvious that there's a lot going on in the world today. Whether it's about the unborn, marriage, race relations, or the economy, this world as we know it is changing before our eyes. While presidential candidates position themselves for next year's general election, our current leaders flail in their own strength, against unending crises. What's going on? Are we out of control? Is there an end in sight to all this? To repeat the title of an early '70s song, What's going on?

This much I know: Things are going to get worse for those who have put their trust in people, politics, and power. Those who are looking for natural answers will be, once again, disappointed by yet another promiser of better things to come.

Dream on.

It's time for those who claim to believe the Bible start acting like it. Preaching what you practice makes for a better audience than failing to practice what you preach. It's time for the Church-those who have believed on the Name of Jesus-to buckle down, remember who they are, in Christ, and live in such a way that gives a reason for the lost to want Who and what we have.

Only those whose lives are founded on doing what the New Testament says are going to make it. Sobering thought, but true. Like the song of old says, it's time for the Church to be the Church. While the world system gets darker, the light of the glorious Gospel shines brighter and brighter, through us. We can't stop some things from taking place, but we don't have to allow them in our homes, schools, churches, and individual lives.

What's going on? Will this be us asking this out of fear, or the world asking this of what God is doing through and for His people?

What's going on in your own life? Fear? Disappointment? Uncertainty? Or a life worth introducing to others?