Where is Jesus?

No, Jesus isn't missing; He's not lost. He knows exactly where He is. The problem isn't with Jesus. The problem is with people who think they know where Jesus is-only to find out that He isn't where they thought He was, who then taught others what they thought. I've heard for years, as many of you have, that we should bring people to Jesus, at the Cross. Yes we should bring people to Jesus. He's our Savior, Deliverer, Healer, Friend, and so much more. But to the Cross? No, not to the Cross. Why? Because Jesus isn't there.

Where is Jesus? When Jesus left this earth He went to Heaven, sitting down on His throne, at the right hand of God, according to Hebrews 10:12. As many have said, you don't sit down until the job's done. It took Jesus's death, burial, resurrection, and seating for our salvation to become a reality. His job wasn't complete until He sat down in Heaven, at the Father's right hand.

Where is Jesus? He's in Heaven, seated at God's right hand. Getting people to Jesus means going into His Presence in Heaven. Not at the Cross; not at the empty Tomb; not to anything made with hands. No, get people to where Jesus has been for nearly 2,000 years-in Heaven, at the right hand of God. That's where Jesus is. That's where we need to bring people who need Him: to His Throne.

We should commend all those who are bringing the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus. The Cross and Tomb are, however, empty. There's a throne in Heaven for everyone in need of salvation, healing, deliverance, and supply. That's where Jesus is.

I hope that this simple truth will help you in ministering to others, as well in your own life. Write and let me know how it is.