Summer: Slump or Surge?

Summer is here. Officially it begins June 21, but it's here. Swimming pools have opened, schools are out-or nearly so-and temperatures are rising across much of this and other countries. Yes, summer is here. Churches and ministries traditionally experience a summer"slump." By that I mean a drop in attendance and income. Fortunately, decreased income used to happen more, before online giving became available. Technology has its benefits.

A number of  churches have found creative ways to experience summer "surges", rather than slumps. They've actually grown in number. How about your church: does it grow, decrease, or stay about the same during summer months?

This summer will your life experience a slump or surge? Will this summer be one of spiritual decrease or increase for you? At the end of the summer-traditionally Labor Day-will there be a difference in your life, as seen by others? What will the difference(s) be?

What you do with your life is up to you, summers included. Naturally speaking summer is a time between school years. For others, it's that first summer after graduation from college or trade school. In your walk with God, however, learning is for more than  seasonal; it's for a lifetime. These next few months are more than days and nights of good times and staying cool. This summer can be the "season" where your life bears more evidence that God is your Heavenly Father, that He is working in and through your life.

What kind of summer are you going to have? Relaxing? The same as other years? Or, perhaps, a summer that comes to define your life in ways neither you nor others could ever see for you, up to now? The choice is not others', or even God's. The choice is yours.

Your summer: slump or surge?