Let God Use You

I pray daily that God makes me a blessing to someone. I supply the willingness and obedience; God supplies everything else. Last week I flew from Tulsa to Dallas. As I entered the plane I had a sense to sit in a certain seat. After a temporary hesitancy on my part I sat down in the seat, moments before others filled seats around me. I was sitting by a window.

Middle seats are the last to fill on most flights. With my flight being completely full, I waited to see who would sit beside me. Eventually a young lady sat down and began to listen to something through her headphones.

Even our one-hour flight allowed me time to read from my New Testament which I did, reading from the Book of Ephesians. After several minutes I laid my New Testament down. Pointing to it the young lady next to me asked if she could look at my New Testament. Sensing an opportunity to be a blessing, I agreed.

This person was studying, of all books, the Book of Ephesians. She had a question about a particular verse that she was looking for, but had been unable to find. I immediately pointed this young lady to the exact verse she needed. Not because I'm so smart, butĀ because I had just been reading that verse as part of my reading time in Ephesians. My fellow passenger was grateful for my help.

God's smarter than any of us realize. He knew that that young lady needed an answer. The answer came through God, by His Holy Spirit, directing her to be seated beside someone who would read from the very place she needed help from.

I'm so glad I obeyed the "nudging" of the Holy Spirit and sat where He was directing, to meet this person's need. That's not bragging on me; that's me bragging on God's direction in blessing one person through another. God will do the same for anyone who'll purpose to be used of Him, then allow God to have His way in that person's life. Including where to sit on a plane.

If this has encouraged you in lettingĀ God use you, I'd like to know about it. What's shared by one often encourages someone else.