A Special Offer For You

The print version of my book, “Born to Win: A Study Guide for New Believers," is now available anywhere in the United States, for the special price of only $5.00, shipping included. This is a savings of over 50% off the regular price of $ 9.99. Payment in U.S. funds, by check or money order only. Again, this offer is valid for U.S. orders only. Please mail payment to Hubert Gardner Ministries; P.O. Box 35373; Tulsa, Ok 74153.

This 90-page book, covering basic, foundational truths, is helping new believers of all ages in their relationship with God. In addition to helping new believers, it also serves as an easy-to-read refresher guide for those more "seasoned", in Christ.

Once you've read the book, write and let us know how this book is helping you in your walk with God.

Write us at: Hubert Gardner Ministries; P.O. Box 35373; Tulsa, OK 74153

You can also contact us by email, at: info@hubertgardner.org