Where is Your God?

Everyone has a god Whether it's a living person, historical figure, nature, or oneself, everyone has a god. We may not all agree on whose god is the most real, important, or powerful, but everyone has a god. It's unintelligent to think otherwise. Some gods are found on mountains, in water, air, or drug-induced experiences. Some are distant, presumed to inhabit a remote region of the world. Others exist in the handed-down narratives of venerable sages, ancient writings, or self-concocted lore. Then there are those who have convinced others of their diety, that they are God, cashing in on the misplaced spiritual hunger of others desperate for reality. So, then, where is your god?

Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Jesus, God's Son, Who grew up to die for the sins of the whole world. In doing so, Jesus made it possible to restore Mankind to a living relationship with One Who loves each of us with an everlasting love. To some this person is Jehovah, to others He is an unreachable God. To those, however, who have found the Bible to be true, He is the Living God, the Heavenly Father of all who have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Unlike all other gods the living God is with, for, and in us, if we are His children. Not distant, far-off, hard to experience, or mystical. With, for, and in us.

Whether it's Christmas, February 29, or Easter, where is your god? The living God lives in those who have confessed Jesus as their Lord, out of a believing heart. Is He in yours? If not, where is your god?