Where Are Your Roots?

Tree roots provide a tentacled anchor enabling trees to withstand winds, adverse conditions, and seasonal changes. Having a healthy root system provides the basis for mature growth and development of trees. A tree's very life originates within its unseen roots. Like trees, our lives need roots. We need roots to ensure our personal growth and development has something to draw from. Our roots are critical to success or failure in our lives-even life itself. The quality of our lives can be traced to the quality of our unseen anchor-our roots if you will.

Where are your roots? Who or what is your life's root system? When the storms of life come what anchors your life? What sees you through? What sustains you? Again, where are your roots? Your answer may reveal who/what you have chosen to draw your very existence from.

The Bible has already given us an answer that will work everywhere, all the time. In Colossians 2:6,7 God instructs us to be rooted in Christ. This includes being rooted in the knowledge of who and what we are as Christians, as children of God. This is a truth no crisis can prevail against. Acting on the knowledge of who and what we are, in Christ, is part of the unseen root system God designed and made available for each of our lives. The length and breadth of that system is limited only by our willing obedience to God's Word in our own lives.

So, where are your roots? In yourself, the hope of having someone else's experience, or the Word of God-especially the Epistles (letters written to Christians)? There are a lot of roots around, however only one system works. Which root system are you relying on for life, strength, and health? Where are your roots?

What ingredients do you believe should go into a healthy "root system."? Why?