Things to Know (Part 1)

Success, whether in the classroom, workplace, or life in general, depends on knowing some things. Knowing these things spells the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat. As Christians, we need to know some things about who and whose we are, what belongs to us, and what we can do in this life. What are some of those things we need to know?

1. God is your Heavenly Father; you belong to Him, not the devil. You have a new Lord, a new master. His name is Jesus.

2. Through the Holy Spirit, God is now living in you. Not just with you-in you. Having your physical organs in you is more personal and beneficial than just with you. The same is true concerning God.

3. What Jesus accomplished in His death, burial, and resurrection He did for you. You are now a part of God's army, helping to enforce Satan's defeat. Whether you feel that way right now or not, it's still true. Christians need to know this truth and act like it. That's not being arrogant or bragging on what you've done. That's bragging on Jesus; that's enforcing Satan's defeat.

These 3 things are of utmost importance to know, in order to live the life God has already planned for you.

My next post will cover a few more things to know. What are some more things to know which you can think of, from your own life?