Deep and Wide

"Deep and wide, deep and wide; there's a fountain flowing deep and wide. Deep and wide, deep and wide; there's a fountain flowing deep and wide." As a camp counselor many summers  ago, I helped sing this traditional chorus-complete with hand gestures. Fortunately or otherwise,  today's post comes with no hand gestures. Deep and wide-that's how your life's foundation should be. Deep enough to support a strong, vibrant life; wide enough to withstand the pressures of life common to all.  Deep and narrow is just as pointless as shallow and wide: both are recipes for disaster.

God doesn't determine how deep and/or wide your life's foundation should be-you do. You decide how deep you want God's Word to be planted in you, how deep your spiritual "roots" will be. You decide how wide you want God's influence and direction to be in your life. The choice is always yours.

One great thing about living for Christ is that, unlike a natural foundation, you can add to your spiritual foundation. It's never to late to review your life to ensure that you're "built' on a solid foundation of knowing who you are and what you have in Christ. It's never too late to make "construction" adjustments.

Deep and wide; deep and wide. More than words of a chorus, it's a description of how strong our foundation should be, in this life. How deep and wide is your foundation? How would you deepen/widen it?

Some of today's post was taken from LifeChange episode 64, also on our website.