Thermometer or Thermostat?

Many homes have thermometers, both inside and out.  Outside thermometers are usually in the shade, whereas  central heat/air conditioning units have an indoor thermometers with their thermostats.  Both indoor and outdoor thermometers serve the same function: to measure actual temperature at any given moment.  Thermostats, however, allow occupants to change the surrounding temperature from what is to what is desired-either higher or lower. I have never seen an outside thermostat. If it's 90 degrees in the shade where you live it will remain that way, until weather changes raise or lower the temperature.  As I write this, the outside temperature is 69 degrees at noon, which is great for the middle of May.  For an Oklahoma July or August? Just wishful thinking.

Inside, however, we can change the existing temperature to be either warmer or cooler, depending upon personal preference. We do this by setting our thermostat to the desired temperature, up or down. Thermostats direct the air conditioner or heater to come on, thereby producing a change in temperature-either warmer or cooler. Thank God for working thermostats!

Our tongues can be either a thermometer or a thermostat, telling the way things are (thermometer) or declaring the desired result (thermostat). Telling things the way they are results in things remaining the same, or changing without your permission. Calling for change in your situation demands making a change in your words. From what is to what you desire. From the way things are to the way you want them to be based, of course, on the promises of God's Word.

Perhaps  you're in a situation that needs changing. Whether it's your health, finances, job situation, relationships, or your walk with God, it can change. But as long as you talk about just what is things won't change. Like that thermometer, your words will be an indicator of what is. On the other hand, beginning to speak what God's Word says about your situation will initiate change in your life. Your tongue will be like that thermostat, demanding your circumstances change from what is to what's promised to you by God, in His Word.

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Are your words declaring what is or what's desired? What are you doing to see your circumstance change? How has reading this post helped? Who can you share this post with, to see change in someone else's life?