Choosing the Right Foundation

The world's system of living offers numerous ways to build a life that's "just right for you," one devoid of restraints. Unfortunately, all of these "options" are based on a foundation of selfishness:"what's in it for me?" or "what's best for me?" People spend their entire lives changing lives; discarding one empty life in pursuit of another-each without a proper foundation. A life without restraints is like a house without an enduring foundation. In many countries a dirt foundation is all that's available. Here in America, concrete foundations anchor the majority of homes. The purpose of the foundation is to give solid footing for the rest of the structure to rest on. Restraints of size, weight, and scope of the dwelling are determined by the depth, strength, and other enduring qualities of its foundation.

Are you wanting something that lasts? Make sure the foundation of your life is well able to overcome constant pressure, outside influences, and long-term wear and tear from daily use. The only foundation that can withstand such rigors of life is God's Word. Building a foundation of what God says to and about you, as a follower of Jesus Christ, is paramount to the success God has for you in this life. The enduring foundation of God's written Word, acted upon in your own life, provides the basis for withstanding every wind of doctrine, every storm of persecution, and every temptation, test, and trial the devil throws your way.

What's the foundation of your life? What's the basis for your believing? Is it money, who your parents are, your pastor's sermons, or best friend's beliefs? Only what God's Word says can you afford to be the foundation of your life, for life. Only God's Word can be trusted, regardless of what may come and/or who says what.

God is a perfect Gentleman; He never makes you do anything. The choice of foundation for your life is always yours: the world's ways, your way, or God's way-His Word. What's your choice? How is your choice of foundation working in your life? What challenges have you faced with building your life's foundation?

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