Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1

Most Christians-specifically youth/young adults-want to serve in their local church. Along with zeal, knowledge, and passion, they want to use their time, gifts, and talents to advance the cause of Christ, if only given the chance. Far too often, however,  churches have a waiting period before allowing "newcomers" to serve in any capacity. The explanation by these churches is it allows leaders to evaluate character, observe faithfulness, and judge whether that (particularly if young) person's skills are both authentic, and relevant to the position that person desires to serve in.

Valid points, for sure.

At the same time, what does one do when the "new kid on the block" knows more than the leadership? As a lifeguard, how many people will drown before you let a qualified (but non-certified) swimmer rescue those you just couldn't get to? Would Michelangelo be forced to go through a paint-by-numbers class before he paints your ceiling?

Does this sound like your church, or one you know of? Check out our next post, Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 2, as we continue to address this issue within the church world.