Run, Run, Run

The 1951 World Series featured competing rookies, such as Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees and Willie Mays of the New York Giants. Veteran Joe DiMaggio was finishing his illustrious career with the Yankees. Along with his powerful bat, Joe possessed a great throwing arm. Unknown to players and fans alike, however, Joe's once mighty right arm was mighty no more. Early in the Series an opposing runner was considering advancing on a fly ball hit to DiMaggio. Joe made a strong throw to his teammate, preventing the runner from advancing. In doing so Joe threw his arm out, rendering his once-powerful arm useless. Opposing players, not knowing this, failed to take advantage of DiMaggio's weakened condition the rest of the Series. Seeing one great throw reinforced runners' perception of Joe having a great arm.

Too many people, including Christians, perceive the devil to have power (authority) he no longer has. Like the once-mighty Joe DiMaggio, the devil has hoodwinked folks into thinking he can do something he is now powerless to do.

Had opposing runners known the truth about Joe DiMaggio's arm, they would have fearlessly run at will against their adversary. Satan, our once-feared adversary, was completely defeated by Jesus nearly 2,000 years ago. Jesus's victory was then credited to us, as though we had won, which we have, in God's eyes. Now we can fearlessly advance against the devil, with the knowledge that he can't stop us from winning every game, so to speak, in life.

The next time the devil roars at you, run towards him. Run at the fear, the doubt, and the unbelief that comes from satan. He can't stop you from winning in life any more than Joe DiMaggio could stop even the slowest opponent from advancing.

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