Protect Your Identity

Identity theft. It's a problem that's growing in our world today. Television, print, and social media warn of the problem and apparent ease of identity theft. What is identity theft? Identity theft is the act of assuming the identity of another for financial and/or other benefit (s). This usually takes place in the form of stolen identification cards,  as well as credit/debit cards,  The victim's assets are often stolen and a good name ruined by the perpetrator's malicious deed. Those who have suffered at the hands of an identity thief know full well the hurt, harm, and anger experienced from this experience. In some cases lives are negatively affected for years, even life.

The worst identity thief is the devil. How so? Because the devil goes around seeking to rob us of our true identity, in Christ. This means who we are in the sight of God,  Jesus purchased for us a standing with God, as new creatures in Christ. Regardless of our background-murderer, porn star, thief, atheist, or religious church goer, being a Christian means having a new identity, in Christ.

Our identity includes being overcomers, more than conquerors through Christ, and righteous in sight of God, This is what the devil tries to steal from us. The Bible says that the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). One way is by trying to steal the knowledge of who we are, in Christ. Satan tries to get us to see ourselves as unworthy, weak, poor, and sickly-unfit to do anything for God. Those who listen to the devil's lies aren't living the life God sees them having,  in Christ. That's identity theft of the worst kind.

You can't stop the devil from trying to steal your identity, in Christ, but you can surely stop him from succeeding.  The Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7). Don't let the devil take what belongs to you. Who you are, in Christ, is the real you. The devil knows that better than you. This is why he works so hard to prevent you from learning the truth of who you really are, or steal what knowledge you already have.

Protect your God-given identity with more diligence than you do with your physical identity.

Can you identity with this post? If so, in what way?