What's Your Testimony?

In Revelation 12':11, we read  "And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;". The devil is overcome through a two-part application: The Blood of the lamb-Jesus-and the word of our testimony. God's part is not enough; it's takes both His and our parts to overcome the devil. Did you ever notice how often God's and our parts are necessary for us receiving the benefit of His provision and/or promises? For instance, in the sixth chapter of John's gospel, we read of Jesus feeding 5000 men, not to mention women and children. A boy's offering of 5 loaves and 2 fish supplied his part; the natural. After Jesus gave thanks for the food, the food was distributed. As this point God supplied His part: the miraculous multiplication of fish and bread.

It's the same when overcoming the devil, Satan, who is our adversary. God supplies His part-the redemptive Blood of Jesus. We, then, add our part, which is the word of our testimony. God's supernatural part unites with our natural part to bring about victory in every situation.

What is a testimony? A testimony is most often your sharing what God has done for you. In years gone by churches used to have testimony meetings. These services centered around people sharing what God had done for them in the last few days or weeks. Testimonies can encourage someone else's faith, for what God did for one, He'll do for another.

A testimony can also be your declaration of what God's says about you, in the situation you're now facing.

What's your testimony? What has God done for you? What is God's Word saying about you, in the situation you're facing? Are you daring to say what God's Word says, regardless of circumstance-as Caleb and Joshua did in Numbers , chapters 13 and 14?

I'd love to hear what God has done for you. Someone else may benefit from hearing what happened in your life. After all, what God dis for one, He'll do for another.