Ten Ways to Destroy a Church

Going through some boxes, I found the following article, with excerpts by George W. Knight. It's about ways to destroy a church. Perhaps you've observed these at one time or another in a church you visited or, perhaps, your own. Over the past 40+ years of being and serving in numerous churches, my wife and I have seen more than a few of these ways being present. My purpose for listing them is to show what the devil uses to destroy churches, and, being aware, use this as a self-checklist to better serve God through our own church.

I don't know when the original article was published, however the points are timeless, regardless of age. The article is entitled, Ten Ways to Destroy a Church:

1. Don't come

2. If you do come, always arrive late.

3. After every service let it be known, loud and clear, that you "didn't get anything out of the service."

4. Never accept a job or leadership position in the church. It's much better to stand on the sidelines and criticize.

5. Let it be known that you visit other churches about half the time, just to show your pastor and fellow church members that you don't need them.

6. Make all the leaders do all the work and blame them if it isn't done right.

7. Sit in the back of the church, talk with others, and never sing or participate.

8. Never give money.

9. Never encourage the pastor or leaders.

10. Be sure to point out any faults of your church to guests. They might never notice these faults without your help

If you see one or more of these where you attend, what can you do to change what is to what can be?