Where's your identification?

I flew on a few business trips last year. Each time I checked in I was required to present valid identification.  As I went through security I also had to show my ticket-proof that I was a passenger that day. Had I not already had my proof of identification out, ready to be shown, a valid question to me would have been, "Where's your identification?". Without it I wouldn't have flown. Identification. It's proof of who we are. Whether it's a driver's license, passport, student ID card, or other valid form, we live in a time where much emphasis is put on who we are. Things like opening up a bank account, obtaining a passport, or buying a house-in each case proof of identification is required. Renting a car? You'll be asked to show proof of identification.

Identification is even more important where spiritual things are concerned. As Christians we've been placed into Christ-into the family of God. We've been given new identification papers, so to speak. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 the Bible says that if any (person) be in Christ he is a new creature. Literally, this means that a new species of being has been created in you. If you're a Christan, there's a new "you" in you that wasn't there before. Your identification is now with Christ, not the devil and his crowd. You're under God's dominion, not Satan's.

Spiritually speaking we've been given new identities. We have new identification papers, so to speak, within the pages of the New Testament-specifically the Epistles, letters written to Christians. Examples are the books of Ephesians and Colossians. Each book paints a vivid picture of the believer's new identification with Christ, focusing on that person's  rights and privileges, in Christ.

It was some years after I became a Christan before I learned of my real identity, as a follower of Jesus Christ. I struggles to know who I was in life, my purpose, and my destiny. Having found my true identity I know who I really am. I move about in total security, without fear of detection. When the devil tries to bring up something from my life before Christ I show him my identification papers-God's Word-proving my identity in Christ. That's my true position-in Christ. Knowing my true identity affects my thinking, believing, words, and actions, on a daily basis.

Where's your identification? Is it in the natural things of this world, or in Christ? How important is it to be secure in who you really are, where your true identity lies?