Oh, Joseph!

There's a line in the movie, It's A Wonderful Life where Clarence, George Bailey's guardian angel, is being subdued by Bert the cop. In a moment of desperation, Clarence cries out, "Oh Joseph", in a cry for help from his angelic boss. Help comes comes in the form of Clarence disappearing, thus escaping Bert's clutches.

The church world as a whole is like Clarence. At times we get into desperate situations prompting us to cry out for deliverance. In the church's case, it cries out, "Oh, Jesus". In those moments God sends His answer, often in the form of a "Joseph."

Joseph, the 11th of Jacob's 12 sons, was a dreamer whose dreams seemed preposterous at the time. Time, however, proved that there was deliverance in those dreams. Over time, Joseph was used of God to bring deliverance to Egypt from famine. The right person, at the right time.

When God responded to the prayers of many people for a move of His healing power, He sent a "Joseph" by the name of Oral Roberts who, along with others, demonstrated the healing power of God during the great Healing Revival of 1947-58. When the hearts of many hungered for the teaching of God's Word, God sent a "Joseph" in the person of Kenneth Hagin to teach faith to multiple generations around the world. Both men had visitations from God involving the world as a whole, starting where they were living.

We need more "Josephs" in the Church-those who have believed on Jesus as their Lord and Savior-to deliver us from modern-day "Berts"-forces which are at work to subdue us, to hold us back from achieving and enjoying the success God has made available to all of us.

Maybe you're one of God's "Josephs", a dreamer whom He wants to use to bring deliverance to His people-you and me. Rather than healing or teaching God's Word, God may want to use you in the area of technology, social media, or some other arena to deliver folks from the famines of mediocrity, the status quo, and refusal to change.

In the end, It's A Wonderful Life shows George Bailey becoming the richest man in town by doing things differently than Old Man Potter. One man's life changed an entire community-and Clarence got his wings.

How does God want to use you? God doesn't need another Oral Roberts or Kenneth Hagin; He has something for the one of you. What is He speaking to your heart to do to influence those around you? What kind of a dream has God put in your heart? How big is it? More importantly, what are you doing about it?

 Finally, if you can bring your dream to pass without God, it's too small. Sweet dreams.