Truth or counterfeit?

Years ago I was part of a nationally known ministry. Each summer we held an indoor campmeeting, three services a day, that drew thousands of people from around the world. One year I was assigned to help supervise this ministry's book table. Due to an influx of counterfeit bills being introduced into this country from abroad an agent, trained in identifying counterfeit bills, came to our table to educate us in how to spot the counterfeit from the real.

What the agent proceeded to tell us was simple, yet so effective. In training bank employees to spot counterfeit bills, participants saw only authentic ones throughout the course; they never saw the counterfeit. When asked why, the answer was simple. The instructor wanted those taking the course to become familiar with the true , making it pretty easy to spot the counterfeit.

The same is true in our walk with God. We have the Bible, God's Word, to guide us in life. We have God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to lead us in line with the Word, which is the Truth, according to John 17:17. The Holy Spirit will never lead us apart from His written Word. It is, therefore, very important that new believers are taught the truth from birth, spiritually speaking. From the time someone becomes a Christian it is other Christians' responsibility-not just pastors-to teach the truth to that new believer.

In teaching basic truths to Christians, I've found that the sooner I can reach new Christians with the truth of God's Word, the easier it is for them to be rooted, built up, and established in Christ. That's why it's so important to teach God's Word to children, who'll then have the privilege of growing up with the Truth, rather than counterfeits. God, our Heavenly "Instructor", wants children of all ages to be able to distinguish truth from counterfeit, in every area of life.

How, then, do I distinguish truth from counterfeit, right from wrong? In math, 2+2=4, not 3.9,  4.1, or some other close number. Pretty simple, right? In teaching the truth of God's Word, Jesus said that He was the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). This being true, anything contrary to what Jesus said is not truth; it's counterfeit.

Can you see the importance of filling our hearts, mouths, and minds with the truth of God's Word? What would happen if our focus would be on the simplicity of what God is saying in His Word, rather than opinions, theories, and experiences out of line with New Testament teaching? How can today's post help you to stay focused on the Truth, rather than counterfeits?

What are your thoughts on this subject?