It's Your Move!

As a kid growing up, our family time often consisted of playing games. Card games, board games-there were a lot to choose from. One board game was checkers. I learned to play checkers at an early age from my dad, who then proceeded to beat me regularly (at checkers that is). There were times when I failed to notice when my dad would move. When this happened Dad would wait a moment before saying something like "It's your move". He said this to remind me that he had already moved; now it was my turn. There were times I hadn't realized when-or where-he had moved, unless he let me know. Later, with some opponents,  I had to figure out where that person had moved. It pays to pay attention to what the other person is doing in a game.

The same is true in life. Often, when believing God for direction in our lives, we think it's His move, so to speak when He's already moved. In essence, He's saying to us,"It's your move". This means that God's waiting for us to take the next step before He can do anything else. Remember, God is a gentleman; He waits His turn. In matters of believing God, as in checkers, God doesn't move twice without the other person taking his/her turn.

What is it that you're trusting God for? Is it finances, physical healing, restoration of a broken relationship, a new or better job? In every situation there is a God-ward part and a man-ward part. God can't do your part and you can't do God's-though we've all tried to do His at some point.

Unlike checkers, life is not a game, yet both God and we have moves to make. If we're not careful God's move can be overlooked, resulting in us waiting on Him to do something about our situation when, in reality, it's our move. If this describes you, ask God to show you where you need to move so it can be His turn.

Perhaps your move is to remove any hindrance that is keeping God's move from working in your life, beginning with unforgiveness. As Jesus mentioned in Mark 11:25,26, forgiveness is the first place to look. The blessings of God, answers to prayer, are hindered in an atmosphere of strife and unforgiveness.

Whether it's getting rid of unforgiveness, doubt, fear, impatience, or being willing to do something you haven't done before , find out from God where your next move is.

Like Dad would say, "It's your move".

Is it your move? If so, what is it that you need to do, little, small, or insignificant that it may seems to be for you to continue in life?