Why Tithe? (The missing story)

First, my apology for not including this with the previous post, Why Tithe? (part 2). That being said the following story actually took place years ago It involves two business partners whose business was in the red. While neither man was saved, each man's wife was and attended church faithfully. Somehow the two men heard about tithing-perhaps from their wives-and decided to try it. The decision was made for the business to tithe, the reasoning being they had nothing to lose. The tithe was divided between the two partners; half to the church where one man's wife attended, half to the church where the other man's wife went. Again, neither man was a believer; they were seeing whether this tithing "thing" would work. Perhaps they figured they had nothing to lose.

God meets people where they're at. These businessmen were at a point of desperation regarding their business finances, willing to put what little they had heard to the test. Within 90 days of faithfully tithing, these two men's business was out of the red and into the black. I know for a fact that one of the men ( I'll call him Sam) did become a Christian.

How do I know this? I had the privilege of meeting Sam years after this happened, enjoying a friendship with him and his wife that lasted for over 20 years. I had heard the story I just related, then found out that it involved Sam and his business partner. Sam wound up getting saved and serving God until he went to Heaven, over 50 years after this event I just related took place.

Why am I sharing this true story? To illustrate that laws work, regardless of whether you believe them or not. The natural law of gravity will work for anyone. The same is true for the spiritual law of tithing. If tithing will work for a sinner how much more should it work for believers, those who have put their trust in God, through His Son, Jesus Christ?

What did you get out of reading this true account of tithing working in someone's life and business?

Can you see how it pays-financially and otherwise-to honor God with your finances?

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