Why Tithe? (part 2)

Today I want to talk about where to tithe. The answer is really pretty simple: tithe where you are being fed. Naturally speaking you don't eat at Sonic, then pay at McDonald's .It's the same spiritually  Who's your pastor? Where are you going to receive the Word, serve, and fellowship with people of similar interests? Go where you are challenged to grow up in Christ, In a previous post (Who's Your Pastor?) I stated that everyone needs a pastor, period. If you don't have one, ask God to show you where you can get involved, through prayer, giving, and service. There's a place for everyone, including you. So the tithe gets paid through the church where you're being fed spiritual things on a regular, consistent basis. Offerings may also go to support the local church as well as reputable ministries.

Since most pastors are on a salary, set by a board of some kind, most pastors have little-if any-control over how much they make.  Pastors are usually underpaid. For what most pastors do the secular world would likely pay much more. What pastors do is beyond a job. It's a calling, often involving sacrifice on the part of the pastor, spouse, and children.

My wife and have traveled in ministry, usually staying in the pastor's home. As most of the works were pioneered by the pastor and his family, no one I preached for was living "high on the hog". Thank God for pastors who are willing to pay "dues" and loving congregations who faithfully tithe as an act of worship through their church. It's a winning combination, that God always blesses.

If the church is not in a position to support their pastor, he and/or his wife gets a job to provide for their family. This is often true in pioneering a new work: it takes time for the finances to grow to where the pastor and his family can be fully supported.

Your tithe is important to your church and pastor, for all the right reasons. As everyone honors God with their tithes and offerings God's work will get done-and everyone will be blessed.

Are you one of those who faithfully tithes? If not, where is God leading you to "hook up"?

What have you learned today about tithing that you didn't know before? How, when, and where can you apply what you've learned?