Who's Your Pastor?

Everyone needs a pastor.  Yes, Jesus is the Head of the Church, made up of those who have believed in Him. Jesus is also, according to Hebrews 13:20, our Great Shepherd. At the same time God has set pastors (shepherds) in the Church, according to Ephesians 4:11. Pastors are often referred to as 'under shepherds', who are shepherds under Jesus, our Great Shepherd. Pastors are father-like, leading the growth and development of a group of like-minded people called the local church. Within THE Church there are many local churches, each under its own pastor. Large or small, there's a church for each person to attend and get involved in. People just like you and me. Who's your pastor? Who do you receive Biblical counsel, encouragement, and balanced teaching of God's Word from? If you just lost your job, a family member needs prayer or you need someone to stand with you in faith, who's going to come visit you in your hour of need? Your favorite TV preacher? Don't count on it. They may read your letters, but they're not coming. Why?

Because they are not your pastor. One reason many people are in trouble is that they don't have a pastor. Just having a pastor won't solve everything, but having one will help keep you from being scattered, thus becoming prey to every wind of doctrine-and there are a lot of them being taught. Matthew 9:36 records Jesus as being moved with compassion because multitudes were scattered, as sheep having no shepherd. I don't want to be scattered, do you?

If you have a pastor, be thankful. Support that pastor in prayer, encouragement, and faithful giving to God through that church. Need a pastor? Ask God to show you who and where that person is. Set aside gender, color, and education for someone with the right character and calling to lead and feed you in the things of God.

Who is your pastor? How helpful is it to you to have a pastor? What difference can you see in your life by you having a pastor?