I like barns. I think they're fascinating (my wife would love to live in a barn (modern on the inside, please). No doubt being around barns at an early age has influenced my thinking. The barns I really like have solid foundations, thick walls, and lots of rooms. A large loft to store hay and play in is a must. One minister said it this way; churches are like barns. Barns are where the harvest is brought to be stored until being used, either “in house” or for taking to market. Likewise, local churches are where the saved grow up into Christ, being rooted, grounded, and discipled in Him. As they grow, the saved go out into the marketplace (the world) to take what they've received to a world desperate for the Truth.

God's “barns” are not for hiding; rather they are receiving and distribution centers, As provision comes in (gifts, talents, and, yes, finances) those in leadership are preparing to distribute such provision where the owner (God) directs. Some goes overseas, some closer to home; some stays to maintain the barn.

How do you see yourself in the end-time harvest? Will you be used far and wide, nearby, or in the barn itself? As my wife has aptly stated so often, there are no unused members in the Body (of Christ). Everyone has a place, a part to play. Find out where you fit in (hint: ask God-He knows), what your part is in this last great harvest of people into God's Kingdom.

It's harvest time. God's barns are busy places. It's up to you and me to finish the harvest that's before us.

Be watching for an upcoming post on finding your place, doing your part.