Are you there?

"Are we there?" is an often asked question on trips. "There" can be Grandpa and Grandma's house, an amusement park, or other anticipated destination-a place of rest, enjoyment, and fulfillment. "There" is a place worth leaving where one is at to get to as quickly as possible, in order to get the most out of being "there". The same is true in our walk with God. Each of us has a "there" that  God has prepared. "There" is a place of contentment where every need is met in full, consistent with our continued obedience to what God is saying to us through His Word, and by His Spirit.

Elijah's "there" was by a particular brook. That's where God told him to go. By that brook Elijah's every need was met.

Where is your "there"? Where is that place of contentment God has for you? Not where the crowd is, but where God says. Not where someone prophesied you're to be, but where God says (I believe in prophecies, as long as they line up with the written Word of God and confirm what's already in my heart (spirit).

Sometimes getting "there" involves inconvenience, adjustment, and, yes, opposition (even from friends and family members). The "there" God has for you is a place of God working through your life to bring blessing to someone else, whether that be many or a few.

I heard a missionary's wife state that, at first, she didn't want to go (overseas). After willingly being there for awhile, she grew to love where she was, because she was in the place God had for her.

The same is true for you. Are you "there"? Are you in the place God wants you to be? If so, then you know the peace and contentment that being in the perfect will of God produces. If not, are you willing to go to the "there" God has for you? Ask God to show you where your "there" is, then be willing to do whatever it takes to be "there". God will always do His part, which includes helping you to do yours.