Framed, by whom?

Paintings come in many sizes. Some are large, others quite small, with most of just average length and width. While most people focus on the painting, how many take time to notice the frame? What does a frame do? It defines the boundaries of the object inside the frame. The painting, which holds our attention, can never exceed the limitations of its frame, without changing frames. How does the relationship of frame to painting relate to our lives? Hebrews 11:3 tells us that the worlds were framed by the Word of God. The word framed, as used here, means to complete thoroughly; to repair or adjust. The physical worlds were completed thoroughly, repaired, or adjusted by God's own Word. In our personal lives our world-how we see ourselves, others, and even God-is framed by our words. Whose words are you being framed by? What kind of words are framing you? Are they words of faith-what God says about you- or are they words of doubt, fear, sickness, and yes, even suicide? Who are you allowing to frame your life-the picture people see when they think, see, or talk to you? Is it friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, or someone at church, including the Pastor? Why not  you be the main person who frames your life with the words you say, from God's Word, about yourself? Remember, it's not what others-even Christians-say about you that determines the painting you present to the world. It's what you say that ultimately frames your life, your world if you will. By whom are you being framed?